TYLER, Texas — APEC’s Bobby Stroupe trains athletes from elementary school all the way to the pros. During this time of social distancing, he is encouraging people to stay active. 

To help with that initiative, Stroupe is offering schools and parents an expert plan to do that for free.

“You got parents that are put in a situation where all of a sudden they’re homeschool teachers. And if you've ever been a teacher in any capacity, and I have, my mother was a teacher for over 25 years, these kids need [physical education]," Stroupe said. "They need P.E. on a structured level, not just ‘go run around.’ And to be able to provide that for parents that are in that situation, I think is an asset at this time for our communities and for the world."

In the age of smart phones and constant internet connection, this task has never been easier.

“We're providing free resources for elementary school P.E. curriculum. It's not just a PDF, it's an app. So when they have it, it'll populate there so every day is different and they're able to do those things with their family," Stroupe explained. "For middle school, we have the same thing. High School, we have the same thing. Those are free resources.'

All parents and teachers need to do is reach out to Stroupe on Twitter, Facebook , or Instagram.

Stroupe says he and his staff decided to offer these services because this is a time for the community to come together.

“We just decided as a as a team, ‘Hey, financially, we're going to get crushed right now. But, you know, we need to step up and be a leader in this community and all over and try to give people what they need right now,’” Stroupe said.

Stroupe says multiple school districts across the country have already taken advantage of his program and for parents, the easiest way to get in touch with him is on Instagram.