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EAST TEXAS REACTS: Masks made optional for those fully vaccinated

Those who aren't vaccinated are urged to keep their masks on until they are.

TEXAS, USA — The CDC has taken a major step towards life beyond the pandemic with new guidance giving the okay for vaccinated people to take off their masks indoors. 

Some East Texans weren’t sure when they’d see the day that masks were optional… at least if you’re vaccinated.

This milestone in the nations journey back to normal life is not over quite yet. You should know that even with these loosening guidelines, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask in places like buses, planes, hospitals, prisons, homeless shelters and other crowded indoor areas.

This guidance will help clear the way for reopening workplaces, schools and other venues like On the Border.

Josh Kile, area director for the restaurant said, "We have patios, we have so many different ways that our guests can come in and still enjoy, you know, our Mexican food, you know, which is the best.”

To err on the safe side, the restaurant says they will continue requiring employees to wear masks.

Caleb Mobley was out shopping with his mom and said this news doesn’t change much for him because though he isn’t vaccinated yet, he doesn’t like to wear a mask anyway.

“I think that God's just gonna keep us safe and everything. So I just believe in God and just let God handle it. Because God's always the one that put it down here. So he probably has a plan for it,” he said.

His mom Ladreena Williams responded, "I do see his point on that too. But then I also feel like we still have our knowledge that God has given us to, to make right decisions for ourselves.”

This CDC guidance also removes the need for those who are fully vaccinated to social distance, but those who are not vaccinated are still urged to keep their masks on until they are.