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Two of Houston's top docs debunk claims made at school board meeting

Parents at a board meeting Tuesday night told us reasons for not getting the vaccine.

CONROE, Texas — Misinformation about COVID and the vaccine was rampant Tuesday night at Conroe ISD's board meeting.

A lot of the parents there were nodding along. They believe and continue to share dangerous information. We want to verify so you can make the best decision for your children.

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The majority of parents who were at the meeting were against a mask mandate. They were also skeptical of the COVID vaccine.

Diane Daniels has grandkids in Conroe schools. She told us the COVID-19 vaccine is deadlier than COVID itself.

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"Yes it is,” she said Tuesday.

“That's not true,” we told her.

“Yes, it is true. Yes, it is true," she maintained.

We asked Houston Public Health Authority Dr. David Persse.

"That is absolutely false," said Dr. Persse.

The CDC tracks that data. We looked up the numbers and out of 357 million doses administered in the U.S., there have been 6,789 reported deaths possibly linked to the vaccine. That's .0019 percent. Deaths due to the virus -- more than 620,000.

So we can verify this claim is false.

She also told us masks and vaccines aren't necessary because our immune system is strong enough to beat COVID on its own.

"God gave you an immune system that is 99.9% able to beat this thing,” she said. “Your vaccine is only 90 percent."

“That's not true at all,” said vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez. “That’s why 620,000 have lost their lives, because immune system could not handle the virus."

Bottom line – the claim is false.

We've posted the full interview we did with Dr. Hotez below. 

And here is Brandi Smith's rapid-fire true-false discussion with Dr. Persse