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The Sleep Lab

(Source: Baylor, Scott & White)

The Sleep Lab at Baylor Scott & White Texas Spine & Joint Hospital offers accurate diagnosis and treatment for a variety of sleep-related conditions.

The Sleep Lab at Baylor Scott & White Texas Spine & Joint Hospital helps people manage, and often eliminate, disruptive sleep behaviors. Board certified sleep medicine physicians on the medical staff specialize in the assessment of respiratory and nonrespiratory sleep disorders. Our team includes physicians specially trained in sleep disorders and pulmonary medicine and we work closely with experts in other specialties, including cardiology, endocrinology, otolaryngology, primary care and critical care. Through observation, examination and multidisciplinary diagnosis, we are able to effectively treat sleep disorders and the conditions that cause them.

Specific Conditions

• Obstructive sleep apnea:when a person “stops breathing” multiple times during the night. Can occur in children as well as adults

• Narcolepsy:a disorder causing persistent sleepiness and episodes of weakness during the daytime

• Insomnia:difficulty going to sleep or remaining asleep. A variety of medical issues may cause insomnia, including restless legs syndrome, chronic pain, poorly controlled asthma and other conditions

• Restless leg syndrome:unusual feelings in the legs, particularly at rest and usually at night

Preparing For A Sleep Lab Study

Sleep studies are performed in a comfortable, dignified and peaceful environment. We also offer a home sleep study option for some patients.

If your physician prescribes tests in our on-site sleep lab, please follow these simple instructions:

• Come prepared as if you are spending the night in a hotel

• If possible, shampoo your hair on the day of your scheduled sleep study

• If you are scheduled for a night study, have dinner before reporting to the sleep lab

• Men can wear pajamas or shorts during the study. Women can wear pajamas or a nightgown

• Please leave valuables and personal items at home

• You may bring your pillow for added comfort

• Bring any medications that you take at bedtime or in the morning

• If you are a diabetic on insulin, bring your insulin, syringes and a snack in case of a hypoglycemic episode

NOTE: Alcohol and tobacco products are strictly prohibited in the sleep lab.

Getting Started With Our Care

Most sleep disorders can be treated successfully with the appropriate diagnosis and matching treatment. One or more of the following diagnostic steps may be required:

• A physical exam with a detailed general medical history

• Special X-rays and blood studies following the evaluation

• A polysomnographic test to monitor several different body functions during sleep, including brainwave activity, breathing patterns, heart rhythm and blood oxygen levels

Rest Assured​

Entry into the sleep study program may require a referral from your primary care physician. For more information or to refer a family member or friend, please call 903.594.7400.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

1814 Roseland Blvd., Suite 100, Tyler, TX 75701

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