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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How to practice 'mental hygiene'

Studies show taking just 15 minutes to practice "mental hygiene" can change your whole day.

TYLER, Texas — Most people focus on maintaining their physical health, but what they don't realize is working to better their mental health is just as important. 

It's natural for humans to undergo stress, but how people handle it is what matters. That's where practicing "mental hygiene" comes into play.

First it's important to focus on your thoughts and emotions. Our brain automatically goes to our negative bias. 

According to a recent study, practicing mindfulness and trying to focus on positive thoughts, especially right before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up is said to help reduce that stress. In order for that to work, you need to start with the night before and try to plan out everything you have to do and everything you already did.

Local counselor Rosie Niebuhr says relaxation can help greatly improve people's mental health and hygiene. 

"It's just good to start off with relaxing your brain so then you have more control of it during the day," Niebuhr said. 

Other ways to relax and strengthen mental health include listening to positive music, meditating, exercising, paying attention to nutrition and getting enough sleep.

It's important you do what works for you to help you start your day off well. Just remember you're not alone in your battle with mental health.

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