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Parents express their thoughts on the new COVID-19 vaccine as rollouts begin for local hospitals and clinics

With the vaccines now approved for ages 5-11, some parents are even more reluctant to get their child vaccinated.

TYLER, Texas — Vaccine hesitancy has caused many people to shy away from getting the vaccine. 

With the vaccines now approved for ages 5-11, some parents are even more reluctant.

“The vaccines just too, too new right now. There's just hasn't had enough time to see what's going to be the outcome of it,” said Sara Bun, a parent. 

Health experts believe by having those conversations with your local doctors and physicians can help limit that fear. 

“I think what we're finding is that the best way to overcome it is, you know, one to one conversations or small group conversations,” said Tom Cummins, Divison Chief Medical Officer for UT Tyler Health of East Texas. "Try to avoid some of the, you know, you're a bad person for not getting vaccinated, type conversations.” 

UT Tyler of Health of East Texas is preparing their rollout plan as they received 300 doses of the vaccines for children ages 5-11. 

“Our North clinic, which has really been sort of our vaccine hub throughout all this just has received their pediatric doses,” Cummins added. "We're preparing our health record to be able to process giving them and will be hoping to be up and running into by the end of the week or first part next week.”

UT Tyler Health of East Texas is also collaborating with other health agencies to better help spread the message and to limit vaccine hesitancy. 

“To get the word out we’re working with Net Health to get the word out on vaccine safety and try and combat some of that vaccine hesitancy that we've seen so prevalent in East Texas,” said Cummins. 

In hopes of getting more shots in the arms of children in hopes for a healthier and brighter future. 

We have to be mindful the kids are our future. And if we don't protect them with these kinds of vaccines, then what future are they going to have?” said Diane Lopez, parent.   

UT Tyler Health says if you get your child vaccinated next week they'll be fully vaccinated before Christmas.