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Tips to keep your skin protected from the summer heat

Dermatologists says no matter how light or dark skin is, sunburns and skin cancer does not discriminate.

TYLER, Texas — The first day of summer is officially here and folks are making sure to get out and enjoy all the fun activities summer has to offer. 

“We love watermelon, popsicles and just all things splash pad and water games are the great ways to cool down,” Megan Hunt, Tyler Visitor said. 

While the sun may be enjoyable in the summertime, it could also have some harmful effects on your skin if not properly protected

“When your skin is exposed to the sun, it causes damage to the DNA and as the DNA tries to repair itself, it can cause mutations. Those mutations is what eventually leads to skin cancer," Dr. Cris Berlingeri with US Dermatology Partners in Tyler said.

Those blistering sunburns can turn into non-healing wounds and other harmful symptoms if left untreated. Glenn Davis, a Tyler resident knows first hand the affects the Texas heat can have. 

"Very uncomfortable and it hurts when you take a shower; sometimes it gets so bad you get blisters so you gotta be careful,” Davis said. "So use sunblock and stay under cover when possible."

The best weapon of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is using a sunscreen or sunblock in any form. Whether it’s a spray or cream, dermatologists says it’s best to use what works for you. 

“As long as the SPF sun protection factor number is 30 and if you use it and you reapply, it's good enough,” Berlingeri said. 

Dermatologists says no matter how light or dark skin is, sunburns and skin cancer does not discriminate. 

“It's very important to wear sunscreen, especially for black people,” Tiffany Nelson Franklin, Tyler Resident said. “We have to wear sunscreen to protect our skin from sun cancer.”

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