We shower new moms with flowers, baby clothes and books -- but twins came into this world at Texas Health Dallas with an extra special gift from their big sisters, who are sharing that gift with us.

“They’re so little. They’re just under three pounds right now,” said Deejay Pagaduan, gazing adoringly at her newborns.

Kevyn and Devyn are tiny but tough.

“I had to stay on bed rest,” said Deeja. “So I could hold on to these babies as long as I can.”

The family’s latest additions were born at 27 weeks.

Sisters share creative gift with newborn twin siblings

“I have five girls now,” said dad Kevin.

The twin sisters are both on breathing machines because of holes in their hearts.

“The first two weeks was really hard,” said Deejay.

The twins have three sisters -- Anjelica, 18, Xyzsa, 14, and Sophie, 9.

“They had to be separated from our mom right away,” said oldest sister Anjelica, describing the moments after the twins were born.

Sisters share creative gift with newborn twin siblings

The older girls visit the NICU often to see their twin sisters.

“We sing to them every time we come here,” said Xyzsa, “I think they like it.”

Together, the big sisters strung a ukulele to harmony and lyrics.

“It kind of just came out naturally when we wrote it,” said Anjelica.

In their room, a song was born.

“It’s their lullaby,” said mom Deejay about her daughters’ special song dedicated to their new sisters. “Every time I listen to it, I still get tears in my eyes.”

“There’s a part in our song when we say, ‘Hearts come together to pour out their love,’” explained Anjelica. “The people that are praying for us and supporting us, they’re the reason we’re strong and all their prayers are holding us together.”

It’s an expression of love through music that’s offering a voice to anyone struggling through the same.

“Of course they don’t understand the words we’re trying to tell them, but we wanted to let them know that we love them so much,” said Anjelica.

The twins are now 33 weeks and out of the NICU, but still being cared for in the hospital.

Texas Health has nine Level 3 NICUs across North Texas.

Hear the sisters' entire song below.

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