TYLER, Texas — East Texas school districts are trying to meet the needs of students, as they continue to transition to at-home learning.

Districts hope to fix significant challenges, including nutritional meals for students and access to the internet. 

Both Jacksonville and Spring Hill Independent School Districts are distributing free meals through pick-up services.

"I think this is one of the best services we are doing right now, along with our continued education services," Jacksonville ISD Superintendent Dr. Chad Kelly said.

Officials with the district said they have seen an increase in numbers each day, as food service staff distribute curbside pick-up meals.

According to Jacksonville ISD, over 700 students took advantage of the service Monday.

Superintendent Kelly said they are serving both breakfast and lunch for those in need.

Meanwhile, Spring Hill ISD has partnered with local churches to distribute meals, including New Beginnings Baptist Church.

"We're actually working with the churches. We had a meeting last week with our local pastors and we've got a lot of them coming out to help distribute food," Spring Hill Superintendent Wayne Guidry said.

According to a spokesperson with the church, it plans to deliver food to 128 children enrolled in its backpack program, while schools are closed.

School districts also hope to make more computers available to students, so that they are able to connect to the internet. 

"Obviously, we can't have face to face. But what we can do, is do everything we possibly can to get work into the students' hands and be available for students. So, we're looking at every avenue," Kelly said.

Both districts agree, the goal is to provide all students with internet access to complete assignments online.  

According to Superintendent Guidry, Spring Hill has already received some of the technology it needs, but staff hope to order more. 

"We just ordered 130 Chromebooks before the [spring] break. So, we have 130 computers sitting in boxes...and also start working on [wireless] hot spots, so students can connect with the computers," Guidry said.

Currently, both school districts offer assignment packet pick-up for students without access to an internet connection. 

According to the Texas Education Agency, some cable and wireless providers are offering services for free. To learn more, visit their website