(KYTX) - Wes Markum owner of "Flood Out Restoration" says it's important to have a plan in place in case of a flood. But sometimes a plan doesn't help.

"It's a difficult situation, it's been difficult for many people over the last month or so and a lot of homes have been hit with floods."

Markum says, many homes that have flood damage are designated a category three loss, which is the worse water loss possible.

"Extracting the water, removing the flooring, carpet, and padding things that would soak up the moisture and when it soaks it up it also goes out quickly but it also leaves bacteria that's in it."

Objects like wood, insulation, and even sheet rock would also have to be discarded if a building is deemed a loss. East Texans who have water damage, and are currently rebuilding a home or business may be prone to secondary damage that can cause a larger problem.

"If water stays in the home past a 72-hour period mold spores do start growing after 72-hours and that's a typical problem that we have."

Markum says, by alleviating the moisture and drying the structure you have a mold problem. But in terms of protecting your home from future flood waters consider building a new home on a hill.