Bethany HomeHealth Services shut down 19 locations across the state, including East Texas locations, on Friday. The agency serves more than 160 counties across Texas, according to its website.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission spokesperson Christine Mann said it's not clear if the closings are temporary or permanent, but she did share the list of offices that are permanently closing as of Jan. 27.

Bethany HomeHealth Services shut down seven locations permanently, according to Texas Health & Human Services Spokesperson Christine Mann. 

"We do not know the reasons for the company's closure of its offices," Mann said. "We are aware the provider is in the process of closing some of its northeast Texas locations."

Former Bethany HomeHealth employee Debra Willard contacted CBS19 for answers after she said her supervisor could not help.

"She told me that as of Friday we would not have a job. I asked what happened, and she said, I don't know because they just came and told us this morning we would not have a job," she said.

Willard worked as an assistant for two years, and took care of elderly patients in their homes so that they would not have to go into a nursing home.

Answers are not the only thing she is wanting.

"I don't know if I'm going to get a check," she said. "It was supposed to come yesterday, but because of the holiday, it didn't. Today, there was still no check."

Mann said she spoke with a representative from Bethany HomeHealth Services on Thursday, who she said indicated the company is assisting physicians and patients in finding other placements to ensure continuity of care.

Texas Workforce Commission Spokesperson Lisa Givens said she was not given an official layoff notice from Bethany HomeHealth.

Workers who have not been paid for work they've done can contact the Texas Workforce Commission at (800) 832-9243.