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CBS19 Investigates: Brownsboro accused of speed trap

Highway 31 is the gateway for East Texans heading towards Athens, Austin or Waco. CBS19 investigates a stretch of road that drivers are calling foul because of the speed limits throughout the city.

Taeler De Haes

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Published: 2/28/2018 7:25:31 PM
Updated: 1:31 PM CST March 7, 2018

A Facebook post with thousands of shares warned drivers about a speed trap in Brownsboro. It started circulating in December, with allegations of the city using the alleged trap for revenue, not safety.

In Brownsboro, the speed changes from 70 to 65 to 55 to 45 and 35, all within 500 to 700 yards.

Tyler resident Aaron Manly Smith wrote the viral post after being pulled over one night in December 2017.

Drivers like Smith complain the signs are hard to dictate, because you can see multiple at once. Smith said they are also hard to see, with overhanging branches covering them and no street lights at night.

Comments included:

  • “This is not a new subject. People in East Texas have known for years about tickets in Brownsboro.” - Gerald
  • “My husband and my son have both gotten tickets here.” -- Jenn
  • “This is where I got my only ticket of my adult life.” -- Shanna

According to the National Motorists Association, a speed trap is defined as this:

Wherever traffic enforcement is focused on extracting revenue from drivers instead of improving safety, made possible by speed limits posted below the prevailing flow of traffic.

The association keeps tabs on spots all over the U.S. If you look up Brownsboro, Highway 31 pops up multiple times.