There’s a battle brewing in Jacksonville between a group of a parents and the district. The group of parents created a Facebook page where they discuss alleged problems within the district.

It all started when one parent contacted CBS19, showing photos of alleged JISD students carrying large knives in the high school. The parent's stepson, and a student at the high school, said he took them during class.

"He shows me this picture and he's like, 'Dad, this is what's going on in the school. These guys travel in groups,” Albert Valenzuela said. “Why are these guys allowed to carry these knives? Well, apparently, they're being told by staff and administration it's okay because they have afterschool jobs."

Jacksonville ISD spokesperson Grace Traylor said she cannot confirm the photos are from Jacksonville High School, but said the bigger issue is the student’s parents. She claims Valenzuela, the students father, and other parents are simply stirring up trouble.

Traylor released this statement to CBS19:

“JISD is aware a small group established a campaign against the district and contacted all news sources in hopes of a story. The leader of this group spoke about the concerns of students openly carrying knives on the JHS campus initially in public comments during the January school board meeting.”

While CBS19 has not confirmed an ulterior motive for Valenzuela releasing the photos, it has been confirmed the district has not taken any action. No investigation has been launched into whether or not the knives were taken to class, or if the photos are in fact legitimate.

We did look up the policy on knives and they’re not allowed on campus, under any circumstance according to the code of conduct.

If you have a student at Jacksonville High School and have had a similar experience, send an email to