A jury found Darryl Wayne Lewis, 44, of Palestine guilty of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and sentenced him to 99 years in prison.

Lewis was arrested in 2014 after Palestine Police Department and SWAT team executed a "no knock" search warrant at a home occupied by Lewis.

Officers located methamphetamine and methamphetamine paraphilia. There was also a scale and multiple small baggies on Lewis's nightstands.

Lewis has been arrested 4 times on 6 different felony cases out of Anderson County beginning in 1992.

"Drug dealers beware, a 99 year prison sentence should put you on alert that Anderson County Jurors are sick and tires of drugs being peddled in our community," said D.A. Allyson Mitchell. " Lewis has a prior history of dealing drugs in our community as revealed from his past trips to TDCJ. In fact, this case was commited while he was on parole from a 2008 multi-count conviction for dealing drugs. With this sentence Anderson County citizens are saying loud and clear to the illegal drug trade, not in our community."