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TIPS: Keeping pets safe this Fourth of July

Fourth of July is the number one day of the year where pets go missing.

TYLER, Texas —

Firework celebrations are a tradition many enjoy during the Fourth of July, but for pets it can be scary.

Independence Day is the number one day of the year when pets go missing according Deborah Dobbs, executive director of SPCA of East Texas.

Dogs' ears are sensitive to loud noises which causes many to run away. 

"The smallest of sounds to us are really very powerful sounds to them and it does hurt their ears,” said Dobbs. 

To prevent your four-legged friend from dashing off, Dobbs urges pet owners to keep pets at home.

“A lot of families routinely take their dogs to the leg or to the park or wherever, with him which is wonderful," Dobbs said. "However, this is the one time that we strongly recommend you leave your dog at home. Not only do we recommend that you leave them at home, we recommend that you leave them indoors.”

If you plan to keep your dog indoors, Dobbs recommends leaving a TV or radio on, and leave a blanket or piece of clothing with your scent to help ease their anxiety.

“If your dog is not an inside dog, then maybe a kennel with a toy, or a blanket or something to cover them," said Dobbs.

Pet owners can also purchase calming treats for the pets, or Thunder Jackets to help keep them calm.

However, Dobbs says while doing these things are important one of the best things pet owners can do is making sure their pets have a collar and tag on. 

"If you see a dog running on the streets of Tyler, Smith County or outlying areas, if there's no collar and there's no tag, there's a tendency to believe that dog is a stray,” said Dobbs. For less than $10, you can put a name tag on your dog, and be sure that he finds his way back home.”

Another way to make sure your pets find their way back home if they run away, is to get them micro-chipped. If your pet already has one, make sure the information is up to date.