Ten Tyler Police Department officers started training on Tuesday to receive life saving Emergency Medical Responder certification.

Sergeant Luke Shafer of the Tyler Police says this training is necessary because law enforcement officers often arrive at scenes before EMS.

“This type of training for our officers adds an extra layer of protection for the people we serve on a daily basis,” Police Chief Jimmy Toler said. “We have ten officers that will be a part of the inaugural certification class, with plans to expand the EMR program in the department.”

Tyler Police partnered with the East Texas Medical Center to provide this emergency medical responder certification.

"ETMC EMS is excited of the Tyler Police Department’s eagerness to train interested police officers in the Emergency Medical Responder course and ETMC EMS is proud to provide the training,” Ron Schwartz, vice president of ETMS EMS said. “Any additional care provided in the system today is a win for the community and can only help save additional lives."

The training includes learning how to use Automatic External Defibrillators, administer oxygen, utilize blood glucometers, apply tourniquets and administer Narcan.