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'I just acted, I didn't think about it': 10-year-old saves girl from drowning

Drowning doesn't look like we think it does, there's minimal splashing & most swimmers are unable to yell for help.

When we think of heroes, maybe we think first of superheroes with tights and capes. But this hero wears a t-shirt and shorts (BTW, his shirt says my cape is in the wash).

Junior, as he's known, is 10 years old. He's a hero to many, including the 5-year-old Egypt.

“We were just playing and I have seen a little girl down there. I just acted. I didn't think about anything. I got her to the stairs and said she was drowning and they started doing CPR,” said Junior.

Junior dived into the pool and saved her life.

"I was so scared. My baby was not breathing she was doing nothing, not moving. I watch stories like this all day every day and it could've been my story. But you know my story came out a blessed story because of him. I'm so blessed," said Egypt’s mom.

 "It doesn't matter the size or the age you can make a difference you can save a life you can change the world. The whole family is extremely proud of him,” said a family member.

The two families met each other for a celebration of life.


This story could have ended very differently. Many folks think they would know if someone was drowning, but it doesn’t look like it does in the movies. There’s very little thrashing or splashing. Check out the YouTube video explainer. People who are drowning usually bob up and down. They may look like they are fine, but they're eerily still and can’t yell for help.