Tinder has only been around for six years, however, the gesture of 'swiping left' or 'right' on someone is something Ruby Wright knows nothing about. One can say she's 'old-school' and prefers a personal approach.

Wright is 101 years and the oldest person living at the Summer Meadows nursing home, in Longview. She's very much outspoken of how relationships work.

"I've had a few beaus," Wright chuckled. "It's a good life and I'm happy."

For more than 20 years, Wright said she enjoyed a marriage with her husband, Walter. While the two were in their 30s, Wright said the fact she had someone be a part of her life was most memorable. Walter passed away and since then, she grew to appreciate how the two became a couple. Wright said they were friends at first, something she said, can be a foundation of a relationship.

"You have the opportunity to build a relationship," Wright chuckled. "Make it a good friend and I think it would go from there."

When it comes to Valentine's day, it's possible at times, to get caught up in the hubbub of making sure people put their best foot forward in impressing their significant other. However, Wright said people should live the best way they can and try to enjoy each day. She said the older one gets, the more a day is cherished.