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Police investigate 2 school threats at Mineola ISD

According to a Mineola ISD, a threat was reported to the middle school Thursday and another report was filed by a parent to the police department the next day.

MINEOLA, Texas — Two school threats at an East Texas school leads to an investigation by the Mineola Police Department.

According to a Mineola ISD's Facebook post, a threat was reported to the administration office of a middle school Thursday. 

The threat was regarding a church van used the previous evening could cause possible harm to the Mineola Middle School campus.

During the investigation of this threat, a behavioral threat assessment was issued for the student involved. No firearms, magazines, or other harmful objects was found with the student. 

The campus was not placed on lockdown during the day as the investigation continued throughout the day, the Facebook post said.

Another threat report was made early Friday morning to the Mineola Police Department by a concerned parent about a threat made to their child. The student involved stayed at home as the police investigated the threat.

The Mineola ISD Police Department did a search warrant to detain the student suspected of making the threats. The suspect is at the Wood County Juvenile Justice System, according to the Facebook post. 

Superintendent of Schools, Cody Mize said the school safety is the most important thing prior to educating children at Mineola ISD. 

Mize also reminded the community that Mineola ISD has a trained team of individuals that carry firearms on campus. These group of individuals are unknown to the public but they are quietly protecting the kids, faculty, staff, and parents on the campuses and at school events throughout the district. 

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