Tyler, TX — 25 Tyler ISD students set to graduate Friday, August, 10.

The students are from Robert E. Lee, John Tyler, and RISE Academy high schools.

Three months after many of their classmates walked across the stage 25 students finally had their moment.

"For some it is an early graduation for others, maybe it is 3 months later than what they otherwise would have graduated," Assistant Superintendent, Rawly Sanchez said after the ceremony.

It was an achievement emphasized again and again throughout the ceremony.

"You're the ones we celebrate tonight because you're the ones that did it," Superintendent Marty Crawford said.

The principal of Robert E. Lee High School also spoke about reaching this point, "It doesn't matter how you got here; the left turns, the right turns, sometimes a few u-turns, but you got here to this stage," he then encouraged them to never give up. "What's the next part of your journey? It may be the workforce, maybe the military, maybe college. Whatever that part is, keep walking."

Graduate Austin Jansston said he hopes to enter the military, "hopefully to achieve my goals, and get to where I want to be and go into the armed forces for the army."

He hopes to be a combat medic.