The sounds of a Harley motorcycle can be heard from far away, but when hundreds of motorcycles purring its engines, it's like music to Phil "Pops" Thompson. For 50 years, riding a Harley is passion for Thompson. Every year, he would ride to Sparks, Oklahoma for a motorcycle rally. However, he wasn't able to attend the 2018 rally.

Thompson has lung cancer along with a tumor in his brain. His family said it's been a uphill battle since September and he's under hospice care. His family tells CBS 19 Thompson has gone blind in one eye and his hearing his going away. Thompson's daughter-in-law, Misty Vansickle, turned to Facebook to find people help bring a motorcycle rally to him.

"He started his life on a Harley, he's going to end his life on a Harley," Vansickle said.

She said her request went viral to the point where 400 motorcyclists shut down the streets.

One biker 'burned rubber' in front of his home, symbolizing respect to Thompson.

"I just wish I was up there with them," Thompson chuckled. "I've been with that many before."

For a moment, Pop forgot about his health issues and remembered how special his family, friends and motorcycles are to him. Especially, those Harleys.