PALESTINE — Tens of thousands of dead White Bass, that was the scene on Lake Palestine this week according to Richard Ott, a biologist with Inland Fisheries.

"This is a big kill," Ott said.

He and his team were tasked with finding out what the cause of deaths were.

"We think it's either a parasite or a disease, and the reason we believe that is because it's only one species of fish that's involved," Ott said.

Parasite or disease isn't something you want to hear is infecting your food.

But Ott said there's nothing to worry about, because it won't affect humans.

"These fish diseases are only what we call host specific," Ott said. "They will only affect even that species of fish. So they're not a danger to people in any way."

So you can eat them, touch them, even kiss them if you want with no problems.

Seasoned fisherman David Kilbern said the issue doesn't concern him one bit.

"No, no, no, no, because it's a part of nature you know? It happens," Kilbern said.

He still headed out on the water this week, and brought in a big catch.

As for what's next for the White Bass on the lake, Ott said the species didn't die out, and are expected back by next year.

And his team will be ready.

They just didn't get to them fast enough this time to figure out the exact cause of death.

"It's sort of like a crime scene investigation when you start to look at something like this. You look at the evidence you have, and you start factoring out different things," Ott said.

He said if you see anything unusual like this happening on a body of water near you, call them immediately.

The quicker they can get out there and the fresher the fish are, the easier it is for them to identify what's causing the issue.

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