Davy Hobson was always a last minute kinda guy, but in 2013 something told him he needed to be a little more prepared for the day of love.

"I don't know why I just felt like I needed to do it the day before, it was just weighing on my mind, that maybe I better do things ahead of time just in case, and sure enough on Valentine's Day, the disaster struck." said Hobson.

Davy was a registered nurse, and was pulling into a spot at the assisted living facility to visit with the patients there.

"When I pulled into the parking area the lighting got dim and I heard a roar in my ears. My mouth got dry and I had a full body flush, and I knew I had the ominous feeling I was about to die," said Hobson.

He was rushed to UT Southwestern in Dallas, where he was told that he would need a new heart, but before that would happen, the doctors needed to find a way to keep him alive.

"About the third or fourth time they opened me up, they came out and told my wife we're sorry there's just not much we can do for him except there's on thing we'd like to try, but we've never done it before," said Hobson, "They decided to try this left ventricular assistance device, otherwise known as an LVAD, it's placed over here on the left side, with a line that runs to that ventricle, then they put another left one over here on the right."

The procedure was successful and Davy received his a gift of new heart in June 2013.

"How do you express thanks, for the gift of life that cost someone else their loss," said Davy.

Each year, Davy and Sharron not only show their love for one another a little more than usual, but also their appreciation for a second chance at life.

"God gave me that gift if you wanna call it that, I just appreciate things more, I see life differently. I really do," said Davy.