LONGVIEW - on the corner of Eden drive and Eastman road, sits a worn down nursing center. Many East Texans are fed up looking at. The Eden Specialty Center wasn't always empty and dilapidated. In April 2015, a tornado touched down and damaged the building.

The city of Longview said at the time, patients were moved and the building was covered with tarp. After that, nothing changed. Since then, the city has kept in contact with 'The Seven Landlords', the company that owns the property. When a building is not maintained, Shawn Hara the city spokesman said courts get involved.

"You don't want a building that is left in bad condition where it could be a public safety hazard," Hara said.

'The Seven Landlords' agreed to demolish it. They would have until Agust 7 to do so, or else, the company will have to pay a thousand dollars a day. Hara said demolition has already begun and the company wasn't negligent about the condition of the Eden Specialty Center.

While the court extended its deadlines, 'The Seven Landlords' were going through insurance issues. The many complaints residents left of the dilapidated center weren't ignored.