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A Whitehouse community braces for another round of severe weather

Still recovering from the last severe storm, the Whitehouse Mobile Home & RV Park prepares for another round of severe weather.

WHITEHOUSE, Texas — Last week’s deadly storm wiped through the Whitehouse Mobile Home & RV Park with winds gusting at 100 mile per hour. 

The recovery effort is still underway, but with the new storm coming in tomorrow, residents are preparing for the worst.

"The tree had fallen through and busted through the entire living room ceiling," Kyla Knight, a resident of the park said. 

A ceiling in shambles, but Knight says it could have been worse.

"We could have died, we could have lost our lives in that house," Knight said.

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She and her family don’t plan to rebuild, but rather plan on selling and looking for a new place to live.

"I definitely want a sturdy, it doesn't even have to be a big home," Knight said. "I want something that is you know, on the ground, it's going to be structurally sound something that's not going to be as easy to have a branch fall through and crack a window."

She didn’t want to use a realtor so she turned to social media.

She sold her damaged home on Facebook Marketplace, and it didn’t take long to find a buyer who wants to rebuild.

"I saw a lot of potential in this home," Haley Whiddon, a Flint resident said.

With the intention to rebuild safer than before.

"I'm going to try to talk to the park owners or the management and see if I can get some type of tree company out here to trim down some of these limbs that's behind me so that this doesn't happen again," Whiddon said. "Because as for the tree over there, the top broke off. So I don't know what trees are dead and which ones are not."

High winds have the potential to topple more trees this week.

A falling tree killed a neighbor in this Whitehouse trailer park during the last round of storms.

"Toes are definitely standing up on edge," Charles Simmons, another park resident said. "Everybody's worried about what might happen, what might come but you know, everybody's really prepared just in case they need to get somewhere safe."

Somewhere safe, where every resident in this mobile home park hopes to be in this upcoming severe weather. 

Knight said she appreciates the tightknit community’s hospitality but she’s ready to move on.

"If it's got to have some work done to it fine," Knight said. "We can do work. We did work on this house, but something that's actually going to have all the walls, all the ceilings, you know, some type of thing where we feel safe. That's my biggest concern."

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