Clarance Gray said it's been an emotional toll on him and his family. His 17 year old son, Le'George Gray was recently released from jail and he's currently enrolled in an alternative school. Clarance said he's bothered by the ordeal.

"He's not doing too well or swell," Clarance said. "And the family his hurting because my son's been locked up."

Le'George Gray got into a fight with 18 year old Michael Stanczak, that sent him to the hospital with serious facial injures. In a police report, the fight stemmed from Stanczak allegedly owing Gray five dollars after losing in a game of basketball. The report said Gray, who's charged with aggravated assault, repeatedly punched Stanczak in the face until his teammate broke up the fight. Le'George's uncle, David Gray, said he understood what his nephew did was wrong, but his friendship with Stanczak hasn't been severed.

"At the beginning of the day, they're brothers. In the middle, LG and Michael are brothers and in the end, they brothers," David said.

To David, his nephew is a lovable person and someone who's well-known in the community. However, with one in the hospital and the other out of jail, he can only imagine what the two must be going through. David said he's hurting for both of them.

When CBS 19 reached out to the Stanczak family, they said they've forgiven Gray.