Hollywood comes to Tyler as the award winning documentary "Special Blood" is screened. The movie tells the story of four people battling Hereditary Angiodema. .

Sarah Bulloch fights Hereditary Angiodema. She helped to bring the documentary "Special Blood" to Tyler.

"Thought it was very important to bring it to East Texas and especially a small town where there is no awareness whatsoever," Bulloch says.

Bulloch met the film director, who also has the disease, in Los Angeles. The director agreed to bring the movie to Tyler.

Registered Nurse Mari Castaneda, knows about the disease and helped nurse Bulloch when she was ill.

"The disease is simply a protein that's missing from the blood, this protein is what keeps the fluid from leaking out of our vessels," Castaneda says.

Hereditary Angiodema is a genetic disease that can affect anyone of any age. When swelling occurs it causes the body to not understand how to stop, causing intense pain. It can attack anywhere but organs are the most targeted.

The movie tells the story of four patients trying their best to lead normal lives with the disease. Many times not receiving the right treatment.

"This is an actual blood disease and it has to be treated with special medications and if they do not stock those medications then it must be treated with fresh frozen plasma," Bulloch says.

The movie will be shown in select theaters throughout the country. It will be on Netflix Fall 2017. To learn more visit- http://specialblood.com/about.html