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Backpack Blessings: Alto ISD nurse provides food for students in need

It can take time to rebuild what was almost destroyed. It can be even harder to do with obstacles in the way.

ALTO, Texas — Some in Alto are still rebuilding after tornadoes hit the town less than a year ago. From homes, business and schools, it is clear there is still work to be done. 

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Kimberly Holmes, a nurse for Alto ISD, is providing some big help in a small way. 

"It made things a lot harder on everyone," Holmes said. 

The tornadoes affected virtually everyone in the small, tight-knit community, many left without comfort and necessities. In the midst of the destruction, Kim Holmes had an idea. 

Four years ago, she decided to stuff bags of full of food to help students in need. Never did she think so many students would need help. 

"Just something so little that they need so badly, its why we do what we do," Holmes said.

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It can take time to rebuild what was almost destroyed. It can be even harder to do with obstacles in the way. 

"Today apparently, we've had a power outage," Holmes said. "It's hot inside with 300 students in a building and multiple employees [and] adults."

Each day has its own obstacles and variables. However, Holmes wants to make sure life's necessities are provided for them. With the help of some students and local churches, students are going home with much-needed food.

"I mean some people lost their homes and others didn't and you need to help them in any way you can," a student volunteer said.

"I had two 4th grade boys that were in my office and they were picking up their bags both of them actually lost their backpacks in the tornadoes that day," Holmes said. "Not only did they get their bag of food, they also got a new backpack. Both of them, just [in the] fourth grade, maybe 10 years old, stood there crying. And that, to me, just sealed the deal of why we do what we do." 

What started out as feeding 15 students weekly, turned into more than 60 leaving with Backpack Blessings every week.

"There's just so much positivity that surrounds us with employees and the students are so happy to come here and learn," Holmes said.