LONGVIEW - The steps Corentha Ivory took to take back her life wasn't short. It was a 30 year journey. She described drugs to have the ability to "take your hope, pride and dignity". Changing the beliefs of a person. Opioid abuse is something she knows all too well.

"Drugs are a big issue here," Ivory said. "They're a big issue to the people I see on the streets everyday. They want to look where the vicodin are, before you know it you're on a drug."

Overdoses reached an all time high of 52,404 cases in 2015. Since then, studies from the National Center of Health Statistics said those cases continue to rise. In a recent study according to Castlight, four cities in Texas are in the top 25 cities in the nation. One of them is Longview. Castlight estimated eight percent of the population in Longview have abused opioids.

Even though Ivory's road to recovery took 30 years, she said there's hope for others.

"You have chances," Ivory said.

The statistics on overdoses in 2017 are not complete. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual numbers are usually a year behind.