TYLER — The Better Business Bureau is warning residents of a scam involving the scammer trying to get gift cards.

According to the BBB, a scammer claiming to be from the IRS told the victim they owed more than $27,000 in back taxes. The caller also threatened the caller with arrest if the money was not paid upfront in gift cards.

The resident bought fifty-five $500 gift cards, 54 from Tyler-area Dollar General Stores. The last was from a Walgreens.

“These callers are using scare tactics in an attempt to catch you off guard,” Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of Better Business Bureau Serving Central East Texas said. “Don’t be pressured into making payments to collectors without verifying that you owe the debt.”

Mills said the scamtracker feature on the Better Business Bureau's website is an excellent tool to verify if a call if real of a scam.