If you could take an extra week off for Spring Break, would you?

You'd probably say yes, but here's the catch: you have to spend the first-week volunteering and cleaning up the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

Students from Bishop Gorman High School in Tyler, Texas, traveled to Port Aransas Wednesday, but not to soak up the sun and stay out late. It is part of their Christian Service Week.

Every year, students choose areas to go and give back. 18 juniors chose the tourist town of Port Aransas.

During their week of service, the students travel around the town to help wherever they can. On Wednesday, some of the students were at The Shack, a business in Port Aransas.

"I'm really excited. I feel amazingly blessed," co-owner Mary Louis said.

Louis and her partners bought the business two months before Hurricane Harvey. The devastation put them into debt, leaving them with no money for repairs.

However, they have had an influx of volunteers for months helping clean up and repair.

Judy Carney, a teacher with Bishop Gorman, is leading the students through their week-long mission. She hopes her students learn more than how to paint.

"They're more willing to give themselves later. They're more proactive to help others. They now know they have a purpose," Carney said.

The students spent their Wednesday raking, digging, painting and organizing. Carney said the students often feel like they aren't doing much, but for a small business owner with big dreams, it means the world.

"Amazing people to get us back up," Louis exclaimed.

The Shack is a relaxation and recreation retreat. Louis said there is a Himalayan salt room, massage therapist, oxygen bar, holistic food, dog park, entertainment venue and plans on opening a space for a restaurant soon. She said what makes her business special is they will have vendors who give back to various charities both local and worldwide.

Louis and her business partners hope to have The Shack up and running in two weeks and a grand opening by the end of March.