TYLER, Texas — The Broadway Market Center in Tyler has been closed for the past four days as a Dallas plumbing company works to repair its broken sewer line, which runs the entire length of the strip mall.

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The North East Texas Health Department, NET Health, said after checking the pipe near Eye Glass World on Monday, Tyler Water Utilities crews showed the local health department CCTV video of the inside of the pipe on the Starbuck’s side.

“About 30 feet in with the cameras, they observed a break in the lines,” Ginger Points, NET Health’s director of environmental health, said. “And about 50 feet in, they noticed that the bottom of the sewer line was corroded out and was not there anymore.”

Agave Environmental, a Dallas-area contractor, was hired to fix three breaks to the sewer’s pipe from between Eyeglass World and Jason’s Deli.

“Knowing the condition of the lines, they do need to probably replace that entire main line underneath that building,” explained Points.

The problem was thought to have stemmed from kitchen utensils that were found clogging the pipe.

“It's not as easy as unplugging a stop with the kitchen utensils that were found in the lines,” Points said. “It's a bigger problem, which is very common with a lot of our aged buildings.”

It is unclear how long it will take to fix the plumbing issue. 

Points says depending on the damage, it could be one to three days for the crew to repair the line it was hired to fix. As for the whole sewer, Points says that could be about ten days.

“We do need to contact the landlord to find out what their plans are to repair at least the other end,” Points said.

Most of the businesses in the shopping center have temporarily closed because the water has been turned off to prevent more incidents like the overflowing sewage that filled the parking lot last week.

Even after the sewer line is fixed, the stores will not be able to reopen immediately, NET Health will inspect each business.

“To make sure that the conditions, you know that they’ve cleaned the floors, everything does flush and operate as it should, how’s the food been maintained and is it still within its date range,” Points said. “We double check, make sure everything's on point to get those guys back operating.”