An East Texas teen is defying insurmountable odds, after he was critically injured in a collision that left his 9-year-old sister dead according to family friends.

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Wilson, Sasha

Just last week, 16-year-old Kyle Tucker was fighting for life at Christus Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler. On Thu. Sept. 6, family friends provided us with this previous update on his condition:

"Kyle lost 75% of his blood at the scene of the wreck. His airbag went through the windshield instead of towards him. He was life flighted to Tyler and was in surgery to stop the bleeding most of the first day. Most of the bones on the right side of his face were broken and his right leg was broke in two places. His pelvis is also broken. They were able to get the bleeding stopped and so far hasn’t been a further issue. He has received 22 units of blood and 4 units of platelets. They have done surgery to repair the broken bones on his leg and his face. He remains sedated at this time and on a ventilator because his vital signs are too High. He’s in lots of pain and now has pneumonia and staff. They will be placing a trach on monday and don’t foresee them weaning the sedation until the pain is managed and tubes are situated and mouth is no longer wired shut."

Despite Kyle's grave prognosis, he not only survived the past week but made sudden improvement that shocked family, friends and caregivers. This week, Kyle's mother provided us with this update through friends:


I know I haven't made many posts with updates about Kyle but here it is: Kyle was not expected to make it to the hospital or through his first surgery, much less through the first night. Luckily this boy has so much of his mother in him and he has been fighting hard! Not only did he make it on day 11 he started to wake up. On day 15 he came alive! Today is day 16 and the doctors were able to remove the breathing tubes! We still have unanswered questions regarding his long term outlook but from what we have seen so far it looks pretty promising. He still has a long road ahead of him but with his determination he wil defy all the odds stacked against him! In these last two weeks he has made more progress than anyone would have imagined."

The collision happened on Tuesday morning, Aug. 28 near Laneville.


According to preliminary reports from DPS, 18-year-old Marcus Dukes was driving north on FM 225 as Miranda Clark was driving south carrying 9-year-old Payton Crustner, a 16-year-old passenger and a 3-year-old passenger. For unknown reasons, Dukes allegedly drove into oncoming traffic and hit Clark's vehicle.


Payton was ejected from the vehicle and later pronounced dead the scene. Friends of the family told CBS 19 that Payton's first-day-of-school photo was taken just 10 minutes before the collision.

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Dukes, Clark and the 3-year-old were treated at area hospitals and released.

Friends are gathering money for Payton's funeral expenses through a Facebook fundraiser which can be found here.

A fishing tournament is being planned and t-shirts are being sold to support the family as well.

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We will continue to update this story as more details become available.