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Brothers ready to be adopted together in a forever family

A little brother needs his older brother and that's why two siblings are hoping to find a new home together. Alex and Bryan are ready to find a family to call their own forever. Meet them in Children Are A Gift.

Alex and Bryan may be six years apart in age, but the last place they want to be is apart.
Their foster family prays they stay together. "That is my strongest advocation for them," Christopher, their foster father said. "Keeping them together. I think Bryan needs Alex in his life. Alex just spent a week away at a friend's house, but Bryan totally missed Alex the whole time he was gone and was so overwhelmingly ecstatic when he came home."

Both boys are active children and like to go, go, go. "I like sports and I like to go fishing... football," said Alex.

Bryan says he likes soccer and playing outside. He is 8 years old. He's a friendly boy, who loves hugs as much as he likes to play. "Bryan is full of care, compassion and love. He is an awesome kid," said Christopher.

He needs a family that can help him grow developmentally and work with him on his auditory processing. "He has a hard time if it is a fast moving situation processing what's really going on, but other than that I really don't think there is going to be much challenges just the normal challenges you would see in an everyday, normal, run of the mill family," Christopher said.

His brother Alex is 14 years old and in high school now. "He is really a great kid. For the most part, he is really respectful and will help and do chores around the house. He's just a great kid," says Christopher.

Alex loves playing football and right now plays cornerback and wide receiver. If he could pick the perfect family they would be-- "A fun family."

Alex is a typical teen. When he's not playing sports or outside, you'll find him behind a screen. "I am playing on my phone and watching TV.

Alex's favorite subject in school is history. He's made some great improvements in the last two years with his foster family. "Overall he has passed his STAAR, passed all of his classes, grades came up and so he has made strides and improvements. Part of that is moving around and having the uncertainty of different locations," said Christopher.

Now, both boys seem ready to find a forever family. For Bryan that means, "You don't move to another house."

They're hoping to find a family who will care for them for the rest of their lives.