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GRAPHIC: CBS 19 obtains bodycam video of deadly Longview officer-involved shooting

The video shows the subject, believed to be Detravian Allison, point a gun at a Longview officer moments before shots were fired.
Credit: Longview Police Department
Still image of Officer Jason Kelly's bodycam video showing suspect believed to be Detravian Allison pointing a handgun at Officer Kelly.

LONGVIEW, Texas — CBS 19 obtained a copy of the bodycam video from the Longview Police Department of the officer-involved shooting at a Longview apartment complex on August 7.

On Wednesday, an investigation by a Gregg County Grand Jury found Officer Jason Kelley and Officer John Collier were justified in their use of deadly force in the shooting of Detravian Allison.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Suspect killed in Longview officer-involved shooting, Texas Rangers investigating

CBS 19 obtained the video following a Freedom of Information Act request to the Longview Police Department and the City of Longview.

DISCLAIMER: CBS 19 determined the bodycam video to be extremely graphic and will not show the unedited footage. Below is an edited version of the video with audio. There will also be a description of what the video appears to show below the video. In an effort to be transparent, the description will be graphic in nature. CBS 19 would like to warn viewers the video and description may be disturbing to some.

The bodycam video of Officer Jason Kelly starts roughly two seconds before shots are fired.

The video appears to show a black male subject, inferred to be Detravian Allison, exit a red Dodge with a handgun in his right hand.

Officer Kelly pointed his handgun at Allison and said, “Get on the ground now.”

As Officer Kelly was speaking, Allison appeared to raise his handgun and point it at Officer Kelly. Immediately afterward, Officer Kelly opened fired. The Gregg County District Attorney’s Office says Officer John Collier, who is not visible in this portion of the video, also opened fire. In all, there are at least five shots fired.

Before the officers finished firing, the video appears to show Allison turn to his left and fall to the ground. The district attorney’s office says Allison was hit four times.

Ten seconds into the video, Officer Kelly went around the Dodge vehicle and then towards the wounded Allison. He says, “52 Longview: Shots fired. Shots fired. One down. Point.”

Officer Kelly cautiously approaches Allison, who is lying on his back on the ground bloodied and motionless, with his gun drawn. Kelly tells Collier to keep his gun pointed at Allison. 

At about 22 seconds, the video shows Kelly putting his gun back in his holster and kneeling next to Allison, who makes only a slight motion with his legs. The video shows a large amount of blood on Allison’s neck and on the ground below him. There are also bullet holes visible on the upper right portion of his torso.

At 29 seconds, Officer Kelly turns Allison over on his stomach and handcuffs him. Allison can be heard making faint moaning sounds. Allison’s handgun is a few feet from his head. Officer Kelly finishes handcuffing Allison at 44 seconds. 

The video appears to show Kelly flipping Allison back onto his back. There is blood on Allison’s head, face, neck and shirt. Allison continues to moan as Officer Kelly encourages him to keep breathing. Kelly begins to put on gloves at this time. Officer Collier is in the background with his gun drawn.

Allison turns his head slowly to face up and the audible moans cease. 

At 1:16, Officer Kelly lifts Allison’s shirt and appears to check if Allison is still breathing and the severity of the wounds. He taps Allison’s chest and shoulder repeating, “Stay with me. Come on, stay with me.” Over the radio, Officer Kelly also gives a description of a second subject who fled the scene shortly before the shooting.

Roughly two minutes into the video, another officer gets out what appears to be a First Aid kit. Officer Kelly says, “I got one hole plugged right now the best I can. I don’t know where else he took one to, so. It looks like you’re gonna have one right here, possible under his arm.”

At 2:50, the video shows Officer Kelly and other officers gathered around to put a white tunicate over the wounds. Emergency sirens can be heard in the background. Five seconds later, another officer off orders a group of bystanders to “stand back.”

Officer Kelly then says, “Hang with me bud, alright?” 

At about 3:17, there is shouting, possibly from bystanders, audible in the background. Allison’s belly and chest can be seen moving up and down as if he was breathing. Officer Kelly continues to encourage Allison to breathe.

While an officer says Allison is still breathing, at 4:08, the video appears to show another officer flips Allison onto his side for a short period of time, possibly searching for additional wounds. Kelly and the other officer both have their hands over what appear to be wounds on Allison’s body.

As an officer checks Allison’s pulse on his neck, another shouts, “Hey! Let medics come through!”

At 4:59, Allison makes a deep, audible breath. Allison appears motionless for several seconds. At 5:41, the video shows Allison’s nostrils flare, and he appears to be struggling to breathe. His facial expression does not change, but his head moves slightly.  The officers continue to encourage Allison to breathe.

At 7:02, the video shows officers roll Allison over to his side to check his back for additional wounds. When he his put onto his back seconds later, Allison’s mouth is closed for the first time and his eyes remain slightly open. He appears to only be barely breathing at this time. Officers continue to check his pulse.

At about the eight-minute mark, medics appear on the scene and begin to put Allison on a backboard. After describing Allison's wounds, Kelly stands up at the 8:48 mark and walks away from Allison. As Allison walks away, an ambulance pulls onto the scene. Officers Kelly and Collier are taken from the scene as Allison is loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher at the 10:25.

The officers are led from the scene and told to wait under a tree before the video finally ends.

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