According to the Center ISD Facebook page, the district is closing its schools on Wednesday, Feb. 14 and Thursday Feb. 15 after a case of viral meningitis at the F.L. Moffett Primary campus was confirmed.

The superintendent confirmed it is a faculty member, and said that as a result of the case, they "are taking immediate and swift action to disinfect the entire FLM campus."

Friday and Monday are student holidays, and classes will resume on Tuesday.

With this particular case, make-up days will not be necessary.

Aside from the viral meningitis case, the district is noticing and experiencing many flu or flu-like illnesses across their schools, and their presences are "lingering, persistent and growing" both within the student body and members of their faculty.

The district will disinfect and clean all district buildings and buses thoroughly.

Other than FLM, campus offices around the district will be open until noon on Wednesday, Feb. 14.