UPDATE: The lemonade stand has raised over $3,400 for the East Texas Crisis Center, drawing donations and people from all over the state.

Tim Levasseur with bullies foundation drove over 3 hours to bring the girls a $200.00 donation according to Lucy's mom, Claire Cozad.

While he was at the lemonade stand, James Huling from CBS's Big Brother, Facetimed with the girls about how proud he is of what they are doing and what a difference they are making.

Lana Peacock, the executive director of the East Texas Crisis Center stopped by the stand as well with some big news...

"So far they've raise $3,400 and if we can match that from businesses here in the community... and we can hit the $10,000 mark, we have a grant out there... that will be able to match and add an additional $10,000 to what we've raised right here in Tyler."


Today marks the start of a 3-day campaign to raise money for the East Texas Crisis Center organized by a 6-year-old Tyler girl.

With smiling faces Lucy Cozad and some of her friends pass out glasses of lemonade. They are hoping people will take a glass of lemonade or eat a lemon bar and give a monetary donation to their cause.

The goal? To raise enough money to purchase toys for all the children at the Crisis Center.

Lucy was playing with other children one day at the center when she realized something that made her sad.

"I looked in the closet at the crisis center and I did not see very many fun toys," she said.

She also didn't see many toys at all. Lucy came up with the idea to sell lemonade because, "Lemonade is what kids really like," and she is doing this for other kids.

The lemonade stand will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at various locations for the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday, August 9 at South Tyler Dermatology - 5791 New Copland Road
  • Thursday, August 10 at Cozad Insurance Group - 606 Chase Drive
  • Friday, August 11 at Kinsey's Pharmacy - 4290 Kinsey Drive

Donations can also be made on the Crisis Center website.

The children will take the donations and a toy wish list from the Crisis Center and go shopping for toys before giving them to the Center. Donations made on the web will also go towards a playground for the Center's Children.

The East Texas Crisis Center provides services to women and their children who are victims of family violence and sexual assault.