TYLER — A year ago the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Foundation provided the mobile treatment unit for orthopedic and sports management care.

"Just about anything we can do in the clinic we can do in here," said Jim Rapp, director of sports medicine.

The unit is able to treat minor injuries from casting, splinting, suturing and taping.

"Everything we do in here is free of charge," Rapp said. "We don't bill insurance. We don't bill the parent for any thing that we do in this clinic."

The trailer travels to different local sporting and community events. Rapp says it is decided on where the unit goes for football games based on doctors and where the games are located.

"This one unit goes out anywhere from three to six times a week depending on how many community events there are: Depending on Thursday night football games, or Friday night games, Saturday games," Rapp said.

It also is equipped with an X-Ray machine to perform instant diagnosis.

"Last football season I think we X-Rayed almost 40 different individuals," Rapp said.

The mobile unit does not only treat athletes, but anyone at an event who might be in need of minor treatment.

"Just one way or one big visible way that we can bring medical care out to the communities and offer this up as an immediate treatment source instead of a child who's participating and having to wait to get in to see a doctor," Rapp explained.