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City of Jacksonville combatting buzzard overpopulation around local lake, park

At Lake Jacksonville Park, many buzzards are making nests around the area. The city is taking action in order to keep them from damaging property.

JACKSONVILLE, Texas — Out at Lake Jacksonville visitors and residents are dealing with an abundance of buzzards nesting in the area. The City of Jacksonville said starting Tuesday, May 23, for the second year in a row, they are going to commit to buzzard mitigation efforts. 

This is in an effort to ensure the big birds don't continue to nest in the nearby trees and help maintain a peaceful area around Lake Jacksonville Park.

They also want to ensure the birds don't continue damaging nearby property and homes.

"You wake up and they are all over the deck, all over your boat, all over your friends boat and you have to get a broom and run down the street like a crazy person in your jammies to get rid of them," said local homeowner Katie Struhall. "They did $1,500 of damage to my friend’s boat and just eat the rubber off the wake center part of a boat."

In late afternoon, you can spot multiple buzzards just flying over the lake and park. The city said it's at the point where they are starting to over populate within the trees.

The city has marked cars entering the area and a person using a small pyrotechnic device to shoot an audible noise near the bird's nest to scare them away. They said this will cause them to move elsewhere and hopefully keep them from over gathering in certain areas in the park.  

They started the pyrotechnics last Tuesday and will continue for 30 days from that date. If you’re around Lake Jacksonville Park around 8:30 p.m. or early in the morning don’t be surprised if you hear a few bangs. 

The city said if anyone has any questions about the efforts to contact their communications department.

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