TYLER — The City of Tyler canceled the Tyler Soccer Association's 37th Annual Brookshire's Fall Kickoff at Lindsay Park this weekend.

According to TSA, the tournament was canceled due to wet conditions on the fields, making them virtually unplayable.

"Unfortunately after walking every field for the last 2 hours the city has determined that the fields are not playable for this weekend, so we have no choice but to cancel the tournament. Coaches and managers keep your eyes open for an email. Please hold all questions about refunds until we send an email."

The association will refund money to participants in the tournament, which was slated to start Friday.

The cancelation of the Brookshire's Fall Kickoff is only the latest in a string of weekend cancelations by the city due to field conditions. Most of the cancellations are due to the amount of rain the area has seen in the past month.

So far, more than half of the season has been canceled due to field conditions.