The City of Tyler is partnering with the Tyler Police Department for a new public education campaign for safe driving with the message: "Drive Like Your Family Lives Here."

In 2015, the largest increase in deaths from traffic accidents in over 50 years occurred in the United States, and according to authorities, speeding, driving under the influence and distracted driving were the causes of that increase.

This new partnership between the city and its police officers comes from a collective goal to address those dangerous driving behaviors on a local level.

According to Chief of Police Jimmy Toler, “Speed enforcement and engineering designs can help reduce the number of accidents and injuries related to these driving habits, but can be limited in their overall effectiveness. If we want to see change, we’ve got to address individual behavior.”

The "Drive Like Your Family Lives Here" campaign started in Mesquite, Texas in 2017, and the city gave their blessing to expand the program in Tyler.

In the next few months, the campaign will include outdoor sign, social media, video public service announcements (PSAs) and other methods to remind the community about the importance of traffic safety.