Peter Zuccarelli, a 62-year-old Plano man has pleaded guilty of federal crimes, including conspiring to smuggle and export U.S. radiation hardened integrated circuits (RHICs) illegally for use in Chinese and Russian space programs.

Zuccarelli's crimes violated the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and he did so without getting licenses from the Department of Commerce.

According to documents presented in the court proceedings, between approximately June 2015 and March 2016, Zuccarelli's co-conspirator agreed to illegally export the RHICs to China and Russia.

RHICs have uses in military and space programs and their export is strictly controlled.

Zuccarelli and his co-conspirator got purchase ordered from people looking to buy RHICs for the Chinese and Russian space programs.

In fact, Zuccarelli also recieved a payment of about $1.5 million from his co-conspirator to buy those RHICs for their Chinese and Russian customers.

He then placed orders with suppliers in the United States and used the money he got from his co-conspirator to pay them.

Once Zuccarelli recieve his RHIC order, he took them out of their original packaging, repackaged them, falsely claimed they were "touch screen parts" and shipped them out of the United States without the licenses required to do so.

To try and cover up the conspiracy from the United States government, he made false paperwork and false statements.

Zuccarelli faces a maximum prison sentence of five years and a maximum fine of $250,000.

A sentencing hearing will be scheduled, pending the completion of a presentence investigation by the U.S Probation Office.