PLANO -- A family of five feels lucky to be alive after lighting sparked a fire in their home early Monday morning.

It started in the 3400 block of Bright Star Way.

Eddie Rodriguez shudders to think what might have happened if his 14-year-old son wasn't awake to smell the smoke.

The teenager woke his parents up, and Rodriguez went outside to see what was going on when smoke started filling the house.

"It was really fast. It was really, really fast. It looked very small at the beginning, but within a few minutes it just went everywhere. It was crazy," said Rodriguez.

He ran inside to get the rest of his family; two daughters, ages six and nine, his 14-year-old son, and his wife. They all made it out safely before fired ripped through the roof.

Many of their belongings are soaked after firefighters tried to stop the fire.

"It's just material. Life is more important, so all this can be replaced," said Rodriguez.