Tyler City Council members discussed the proposed 2017-2018 budget at City Hall on Wednesday.

Under the proposal, property taxes for Tyler residents would increase by one penny to a rate of 24 cents.

Even with the one cent raise, Tyler Mayor Martin Heines says “the city of Tyler is still 50 percent below every other hub city in the state of Texas.”

Allocating more money to police and fire, the new budget slashes funding to non-profit organizations like Bethesda Health Clinic and St. Paul’s Clinic.

Dr. John English, CEO of Bethesda Health Clinic, said that while the cuts hurt, he realizes the tough situation the city is in.

“He regreted as well that they weren’t able to continue funding right now but had to make some hard decisions,” Dr. English said.

The first public hearing on the proposed budget will be held August 23 at City Hall.