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Damaged road plagues Noonday neighborhood

Teton Road in Noonday is filled with potholes and debris. Because this is a private road, people who live along it have to pay for repairs.

Teton Road is a private road in the Mountain Meadows Subdivision. The county is not responsible for maintenance, forcing people who live there to pay for upkeep.

Many of the people i spoke to say the burden of constantly paying for a new road only seems to fall on a few people.

"There's probably only a handful of us out here that actually own our property and live on it,” Bettie Thornton says. “The rest of them are all renters and sub letters who don’t care.”

Smith County Engineer Frank Davis says there are many private roads, like Teton.

For a private road to turn into a county road it must meet some conditions. The road must meet current road standards as required by subdivision regulations.

If your neighborhood has a home owner’s association, there should be a bylaw to road conditions, if there is no home owner’s association the community must repair the road themselves.

Next the developer or the property owners must present the road to commissioner’s court for their consideration. they will vote on if to make it a county road. Only then will the county be required to maintain it.

Several people I talked to tell me they don’t think that will ever happen.

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