GRAND SALINE — “Close your eyes, picture your mom being your best friend, being there for you every day, you’re 12 years old. You wake up and she’s not there. She’s just gone.”

September 8, 1990, Jamie Easley and her mom, Judy Foster, went for a ride.

Distraught, Judy told her daughter she was filing for divorce against her step-dad.

“As we were running around she was just kind of breaking down telling me everything and we went to the fairgrounds in Grand Saline,” Easley remembered.

It was after midnight when they headed home from the Bear Grounds.

“We were going into the house and she had forgotten her cigarettes," Easley said. "So she said she was going to go to the Easy Mart, and she’d be right back."

But her mother never returned home.

“Monday came around and that’s when I went to school and I did not feel good that day. I was worried about my mom. I missed her,” Easley remembered. “So I go to the nurses station, and she said I needed to go home and she was going to call my mom. I said well you can’t call my mom because my mom wasn’t home, and I did not know where she was. So, that’s when she got with the principal. From there the principal and then called the police department.”

Investigators started working on the case, but with no physical evidence could only assume what had happened to Judy Foster.

“It’s hard, a small town like that rumor spread everybody knows everybody and everybody talks there are some stories that are heartbreaking and you try to stay together and stay strong," Easley explained. "As a kid that was the hardest."

Nearly three decades later, there is still no trace of Foster and no closure for the family. After 28 years, Easley simply wants closure to finally give her, her mother and her family peace.

“I just want my mom. I just want to lay her to rest peacefully, respectfully and give my children my family peace.”