The Kansas City Chief's last game against the Tennessee Titans was a tough loss. However, if fans reflected on it, they could say it was a good year.

It was good year especially for Pat Mahomes, who became the first Chiefs rookie quarter back to start and win a game for the team in nearly 40 years.

With Alex Smith being traded to Washington, the future of the Chiefs is now in the hands of Mahomes, and East Texans have already jumped on the bandwagon.

The young quarterback's success in college and in the pros has people who live in Whitehouse diverting their loyalty to Kansas City.

Reed Tomlin is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Rams, but since Pat's first professional season, he said he is a big Chiefs fan.

"I've always kind of like the team since I was a little boy, but it just boosted it that much more," Tomlin said.

Even Mahomes' high school football coach Adam Cook, said he's willing to rep the Red and Gold, which would be his first team he's ever become a fan of.

"I want to see those guys win and do well," Cook said.

Even though the season's over for the Chiefs, the pages have flipped to the next chapter and there is no telling what Pat can bring to the table.

While it's fun to watch Mahomes play on TV, the Chiefs won't play the Cowboys or Texans in the 2018-19 season.