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East Texans form Texas Navy and head off to Houston

A group calling themselves the Texas Navy has left for Houston. They will be working with Harrison County Fire and Rescue and local game wardens. 

A group of East Texans left for Houston Tuesday morning. It's the second wave, following the first group that left on Monday.

They call themselves the Texas Navy and are preparing to help with rescue missions.

It started when David Rothwell was at church this past Sunday. He was talking with some of his friends at church about ways to help and said "I'm in, let's go."

Less than 24 hours later, around 10 boats and 20 men left, taking about 200 gallons of gas, 100 cases of water, and food.

The second wave of men left at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. In addition to the gas, water, and food, this group has first aid kits, baby supplies, and axes to cut through trees.

The Texas Navy is working directly with Harrison County Fire and Rescue and local game wardens. Law enforcement officers will be joining them on the boats as well.

Preparations are on standby in case a third wave is needed.

They say they are just a group of east Texas boys coming down to help out the Houston guys.