Pearl Harbor Day is observed nationally on December 7. In East Texas, people honored the day by remembering those who lost their lives.

Jim Snow and Louis Thomas also took the time to remember their fathers who fought in World War II. The U.S. became fully involved in the war the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing.

"That initial attack by the Japanese fleet that took out Pearl Harbor, that's the beginning of us," said Jim Snow, with the East Texas Veterans Alliance.

"That's when we declared war,” said Louis Thomas with the Historic Memorial Aviation Museum. “The next day we declared war on them."

After President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan, troops began training for deployment. Soon after, the U.S. was fully involved in World War II.

"Here we had the Pacific, we were attacked in the Pacific at Pearl Harbor, and a couple of days later Germany declared war on us," said Thomas.

Thomas said that initially, the military didn't have enough man power to fight both fronts.

"The ones who weren't drafted, volunteered," said Thomas.

Snow said many of those who volunteered, did so because they were outraged over the Pearl Harbor bombing.

"That was an attack on the United States,” said Snow. “That was horrific."

Snow tells CBS19 that his dad was one of the thousands of men to voluntarily enlist.

"My father, during World War II was in the Pacific Theater. He went through Guadalcanal, Okinawa and stuff like that," said Snow.

Thomas's father also enlisted, but he was sent to the European Theater.

"He went from North Africa to Normandy, through France and into Germany and outside Berlin by the time the war had ended," said Thomas.

Thomas and Snow tell CBS19 both of their dads were able to come home. Snow's father was stabbed in the back while at war but was able to recover.

The Historic Aviation Memorial Museum has a Pearl Harbor and World War II display.

The museum is located at the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.