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East Texas attorney weighs in on recent immigration travels

"They feel that they have the conservative Supreme Court on their favor. That could change a lot of these laws," said Jose Sanchez, owner of Jose Sanchez Law Firm.

TEXAS, USA — Another docket on Gov. Greg Abbott's agenda is the continued transportation of incoming migrants across the country.

One East Texas attorney Jose Sanchez, owner of Jose Sanchez Law Firm, said  federal law trumps state law when it comes to what rights immigrants have on American soil. 

According to Sanchez, many choose to travel into America to seek asylum, and once they step foot on U.S. soil they also have rights. 

"You have the right of the constitution to freedom of speech, you have the right to remain silent, you have the right of search and seizure," Sanchez said. "You have a lot of these rights like typical Americans have because in the constitution, a lot of these rights, it says the word person."

The recent transportation of immigrants to New York and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts were actions made by Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. They claim it's to prove a point to President Biden. 

"He had no idea just like most people in the United States of America," said Abbott in a speech made last Tuesday. "Had no idea about what was going on at the border. So I figured if Joe Biden won’t come to the border, we will take the border to Joe Biden."

"The state of Florida, it was voluntary, offered transport to sanctuary jurisdictions," DeSantis added. "Because it’s our view that one, the border is secure."

Sanchez said many immigrants come through Mexico, but recent statistics show it’s not Mexican residents coming in mass numbers.

"The recent immigration floods that the republicans have stated, is from Central America, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, and even some of the Middle Eastern (countries)."

After transporting 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyards, a law firm named Lawyers for Civil Rights and an nonprofit Alaianza Americans filed suits against DeSantis, claiming the travelers were fraudulently induced to travel across state line.

"It shows if 50 was a burden to one of the richest places in our country, what about these other communities that’s been overrun by hundreds and thousands?" DeSantis said. 

Sanchez shared a reason why these governors are sending migrants to sanctuary cities.

"What I'm thinking is going to happen is Gov. Abbott, and these other pro-republican governors, what they're doing is they're making you file these lawsuits," Sanchez said. "Why? Because they feel that they have the conservative Supreme Court on their favor. That could change a lot of these laws."

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